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R.E.A.D. 25

R.E.A.D. 25, a 501c(3) organization that promotes literacy, leadership, and life skills through a national literacy program entitled, The R.E.A.D. 25 Literacy Initiative. 

Anti-Bullying Campaign

The "No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying Campaign" to address the social ills that have plagued the lives of this generation. By instituting the R.E.A.D. 25 No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying.  read more

       Learning My ABCs

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Our Core Values

 Our goal is simple: To educate, empower and motivate students to succeed!


JaSa Leadership Group is an educational resource firm which develops innovative products, strategies and initiatives for students and educational leaders. Since our inception in 2009, JaSa Leadership Group has been helping students fulfill their potential. We do this by developing educational products, services and programs.  We also partner with schools, teachers and parents to achieve the most efficient learning opportunities for students.

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