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Learning My ABCs Program

About Us

Literacy development and Educational resource Center

​The mission of the R.E.A.D. 25 Initiative is to improve literacy, provide leadership development, and life skills students.

The name R.E.A.D. is an acronym for Rewarding Educational & Academic Development.   The “25” aspect of the title is consistent with our primary promotional campaign which is to encourage youths and young adults to read 25 grade level appropriate books a year. It is estimated that by reading 25 books, students will read approximately 1,000,000 words during the school year!  Research has shown that this increases vocabulary development, reading comprehension, reading stamina, reading fluency and writing proficiency. It also increases motivation and fosters an increased zeal for overall academics. 

R.E.A.D. 25

R.E.A.D. 25, an educational program,  promotes literacy, leadership, and life skills through a national literacy program entitled, The R.E.A.D. 25 Literacy Initiative. 

Anti-Bullying Campaign

The "No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying Campaign" to address the social ills that have plagued the lives of this generation. By instituting the R.E.A.D. 25 No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying.  read more

R.E.A.D. 25 Initiative

JaSa Leadership Group was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn and excel academically.


JaSa Leadership Group is an educational resource firm which develops innovative products, strategies and initiatives for students and educational leaders.

Over the past six years, our team has helped hundreds of students and teachers improve their study habits, life skills, and literacy aptitude. As a result, these students have enhanced their learning skills, improved their academic development, and grown in self-esteem and confidence. We love celebrating those victories with our students.​


The mission of this program is to assist early learners in becoming proficient in learning their letters, numbers, shapes and colors.