College Success Institute is specifically designed for high school students and their parents as well as first and second year collegiate students to address various topics relating to collegiate enrollment and life skill strategies to promote academic success within a university environment!

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  • 40% of high school graduates do not enroll in college
  • 1 in 3 first year college students do not return for their sophomore year

Graduating from high school represents a notable achievement for every student. However, a formidable question arises from this accomplishment which asks, “Now that high school is complete, what’s next?”

 Many students desire to further their education by attending an institution of higher learning but sometimes lack the necessary guidance and support to do so.  Jasa Leadership Group offers a solution to this educational challenge with its seminar entitled College Success Institute.

Literacy development and Educational resource Center

R.E.A.D. 25

R.E.A.D. 25, an educational program,  promotes literacy, leadership, and life skills through a national literacy program entitled, The R.E.A.D. 25 Literacy Initiative. 

Anti-Bullying Campaign

The "No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying Campaign" to address the social ills that have plagued the lives of this generation. By instituting the R.E.A.D. 25 No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying.  read more

       Learning My ABCs

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