​Dexter Humphrey
President & CEO

ATL Canopy Synopsis

Who We Are: The ATL Canopy (ATLC) represents a collective consortium of community organizations, entrepreneurs and educators united to provide educational programs, training, resources and initiatives for underserved youth. Our core program development areas include: Reading / Literacy, Photography & Media, Fitness & Nutrition, Entrepreneurship / Small Business Development, Music & Arts, Cosmetology, and Life Skill Development.

Vision:  Providing educational empowerment coupled with Entrepreneurship to produce success.

Educational Focus:

To improve the literacy skills of grade level students by 40%.

2.   To reduce childhood obesity through exercise and nutrition education.

3.   To increase the employment rate among underserved students by providing educational and

      vocational training using an entrepreneurial praxis relevant to current industry standards.

4.   To galvanize our community of families with educational development training to empower themselves.

5.   To motivate students to maximize the opportunities available through education and entrepreneurship.​

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Anti-Bullying Campaign

The "No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying Campaign" to address the social ills that have plagued the lives of this generation. By instituting the R.E.A.D. 25 No B.U.L.L. Anti-Bullying.  read more

       Learning My ABCs

  • Picture & Music Book
  • Writing & Coloring Book
  • Poster
  • Bookmarks
  • Flash Cards

Literacy development and Educational resource Center

R.E.A.D. 25

R.E.A.D. 25, an educational program,  promotes literacy, leadership, and life skills through a national literacy program entitled, The R.E.A.D. 25 Literacy Initiative.